High performance sample handling, precise sample injection, and built-in automatic cleaning — the 70Xi Autosampler Analyzer System gives you a full range of robust, productivity-boosting features that eliminate human error and decrease lab analysis time.

Phase Technology’s 70Xi Autosampler Analyzer Systems give you unmatched versatility and performance as they provide unattended operation for round-the-clock sample analysis.

The 70Xi’s 48-station autosampler lets lab personnel run multiple samples without the need to individually pipette, set and verify analyzer options or wait for test results.


  • Best overall precision of any automatic or manual method
  • Fastest speed of any cloud, pour or freeze point analyzer: test results in just 8-20 minutes
  • Easy-to-use and versatile: saves time in the lab, no special training needed

  • Set-and-forget convenience — unattended testing lets you initiate 1 to 48 runs in a row, then walk away and let the analyzer do the rest!
  • Automatic sample injection — no need to individually pipette samples or change pipette tips. Always uses the precise amount of sample required by the ASTM method.
  • Self-cleaning — saves time and headaches caused by manual cleaning. No more need for cotton swabs or risk of damage to sample cup.
  • Unlimited flexibility – change sample order without stopping current test run. Perfect for shifting, “need-this-now” priorities.
  • Task consolidation – reduced need for manual intervention, frees up staff resources
  • High-throughput sequencing – avoid bottlenecks in workflow
  • Self cleaning –automatic rinse and flush
  • Less operator involvement – greatly reduced chance of user-introduced error; automation for fewer data entry errors
  • Powerful cooling system; minimum sample temperature improvement to below -88°C [-126°F]
  • One-touch preset Favorites – Frequently-used test settings can be stored in the analyzer for quick access. Favorites can be created, organized, sorted or deleted as you desire. With the single push of a button, lab operators can efficiently perform tests in significantly less time.
  • Full-color, touch-sensitive, 15” high resolution screen – Easier to read and view more information. Multitasking capability eliminates need to flip between multiple windows. Displays several views of information at the same time. Overlay and compare multiple phase plots in different colors
  • USB and Ethernet connectivity – Quickly export analyzer data to a portable USB flash drive. USB capability also makes remote diagnostics and troubleshooting easier. Easily connect other devices like printers, barcode scanners and keyboard. Ethernet port available for connecting to LIMS or internal computer network
  • Optimized for quality control applications – Automatic QC runs with instantaneous control charts. Trend charts with “touchable” data points that open individual phase plots. Retest sample option increases confidence in result; optional alert or lock down if out of acceptable limits
  • Robust design and improved serviceability – New modular component design. Field-replaceable parts (including cooler). Easier, faster service without the need to re-calibrate
  • Capable of any user programmable resolution to 0.1°C
  • Unsurpassed detection of contamination in jet fuels
  • Programmable user access levels streamlines workflow and prevents accidental changes
  • Alert sounds when test is finished and ready for next run; audible keyboard “clicks”
  • Connect any HP (or PCL compatible) printer via USB
  • Import and store any user documents (.doc, .pdf, .ppt and .pps) for customized operating procedures (SOP) or training
  • Configurable desiccant replacement count
  • Customizable reporting – test history, plot data and self-diagnostics can be displayed on-screen, printed, or transferred to computer for statistical analysis, presentations, email sharing, archival storage
  • Completely self-contained system: no need for external coolant
  • Quiet, energy efficient and environmentally friendly (no toxic coolant vapors)


  • Introducing Phase Technology 70Xi Series Analyzers: Learn about the full line of Phase cloud, pour and freeze point analyzers. Which one is best for you?

  • Phase Technology 70Xi Analyzer Operation: See how easy it is to use Phase analyzers. One touch is all it takes!

  • Test Preparation and Cleaning: Follow these simple steps to prepare and load samples. Quick, easy cleaning between tests.

  • How to Replace Desiccant: Learn how easy it is to replace desiccant on all Phase Technology 70Xi series analyzers.


Phase Technology 70Xi analyzers test a wide range of petroleum, biofuel and other products including:

  • Diesel fuel
  • Jet fuel
  • Finished lubricants
  • Base oil
  • Biofuel and biodiesels
  • Bright stock
  • Distillate fuel
  • Gas oil
  • PAO and synthetic lubricants
  • Automatic transmission fluids
  • Engine & gear oil

Phase Technology 70Xi Series Autosampler Analyzer Systems give you complete flexibility – choose the test options you need for a customized solution. Available configurations include:

  • APA-70Xi Lube Oil Pour Point
  • APC-70Xi Lube Oil Pour & Cloud Point
  • CPA-70XiAS Fuels Only Cloud Point
  • FPA-70XiAS Fuels Only Freeze Point
  • PSA-70XiAS Fuels Only Pour, Cloud & Freeze Point
  • PCA-70XiAS Fuels Only Pour & Cloud Point
  • PFA-70XiAS Fuels Only Freeze & Pour Point
  • FCA-70XiAS Fuels Only Freeze & Cloud Point

Additional options may be available on request.



Pour Point ASTM D5949
ASTM D97 (IP 15/ISO 3016) equivalent or better
Cloud Point ASTM D5773 (IP 446)
ASTM D2500 (IP 219/ISO 3015) equivalent
Freeze Point ASTM D5972 (IP 435)
ASTM D2386 (IP 16/ISO 3013) equivalent
1.6 ºC @ 1 ºC
2.2 ºC @ 3 ºC
3.2 ºC @ 1 ºC
3.8 ºC @ 3 ºC
Cloud Point Repeatability
1.3 ºC
2.5 ºC
Freeze Point Repeatability
0.5 ºC
0.8 ºC
BIAS   0 (relative to ASTM manual methods)
TEST INTERVALS   0.1 ºC Resolution
Pour Point 8 to 30 minutes
Cloud Point 5 to 10 minutes
Freeze Point 8 to 10 minutes
SAMPLE SIZE   High-precision metering pump ensures exactly 0.15 mL (ASTM method)
DETECTION METHOD   Diffusive Light Scattering (DLS) technology
(over 25 patents)
COOLING SYSTEM   Integrated Peltier device cooling system
SAMPLE PRE-HEATING   Sample vial heater block (APA-70Xi & APC-70Xi only)  
DISPLAY   Full-color, touch-sensitive, 15” high resolution LCD touch screen
OUTPUTS   (3) USB A ports for flash drive, label printer,
barcode scanner keyboard, mouse
(1) USB B port
(3) RS-232 serial ports for optional accessories, LTB diagnostic software, external computer
(1) dedicated Service port
(1) 10/100Base-T Ethernet (RJ45) port for
networking: LIMS, local area network (LAN)
TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT   ºC or ºF (user selectable)
ALERTS   Audible tone alerts (user selectable)
INTERNAL MEMORY   Storage up to 5000 test runs (minimum)
Extremes not recommended
(L X W X H)
Analyzer unit 21.5 x 13.25 x 17.5 inches
54.6 x 33.7 x 44.5 cm
Autosampler unit 10.4 x 16.4 x 17 inches
26.5 x 41.5 x 43.5 cm
WEIGHT Analyzer unit 53 lbs
24 kg
Autosampler unit 22 lbs
10 kg
47 – 63 Hz
350 watts
External Cooler Bath NONE



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