Phase Technology VA-300 Viscometer

The VA-300 viscometer is a fully automated multi purpose petroleum viscometer – its all-inclusive package includes an integrated temperature control, a heated autosampler and an efficient, automated cleaning cycle.

The combination of advanced multi-processor systems, accurate temperature control, super sensitive micro-detectors and user-friendly full-color touch-screen gives you a powerful instrument that precisely reports viscosity values with unprecedented speed.

When high throughput is a must, the VA-300 is your optimization solution.

The VA-300 tests a wide variety of samples, from diesels to lubes to residual fuel oils. Sticky, black oil can be a problem in some automatic viscometers – but not in the VA-300. Using a heated autosampler rack, heated transfer tube and individually adjustable cleaning cycles, the VA-300 can be optimized for handling residual oils with ease.

Features & Benefits

The Phase Technology VA-300 viscometer combines precision, speed and automation with these valuable features:

  • High precision – the VA-300 meets or exceeds precision requirements set forth in ASTM D445, ISO 3104 and IP 71.
  • Superior speed – tests up to 40 samples per hour. Test diesel in 5 minutes; 15 minutes for black residual fuels.
  • Shorter flow times and faster results – dual cells allows simultaneous measurements at two temperatures to obtain viscosity index quickly and conveniently
  • Incredible viscosity range – single fluoro-polymer capillary covers the full range of petroleum products – no need to change capillary tubes to accommodate different viscosity ranges
  • Wide temperature range – measures viscosity from 20°C to 100°C.
  • Automatic cleaning & drying – no more manual cleaning – saves time and money
  • Minimum solvent usage – requires less than 15mL of solvent per test
  • Full range calibration standards – Calibrated using ISO 17025 traceable viscosity standards –primary and stable viscosity standards available for purchase
  • Super-compact package – unit measures 17” (43 cm) wide by 12” (30 cm) high – 8 times smaller than conventional auto viscometer


Phase Technology VA-300 viscosity analyzers test a wide range of petroleum products including:

  • Lubricant oils
  • Base stocks
  • Distillate, gas and diesel oils
  • Hydraulic and transmission fluids
  • Residual/marine fuel oils
  • Additives



Kinematic Viscosity
Dynamic Viscosity
Viscosity Index


Within the limits of ASTM D445 for viscosity and ISO 12185 for density


0 (relative to ASTM D445 & ISO 12185 methods)


Min +20°C (+68°F)
Max +100°C (+212°F)

VISCOSITY RANGE 1 – 2000 mm²/s at 40°C
1 – 500 mm²/s at 100°C


Typically < 5 minutes per test
(for light diesels)


~ 20 seconds


12 mL per test


Fully automatic

SOLVENT TYPE & SIZE Toluene/pentane
< 15 mL per test (light diesels)
DISPLAY Full-color, touch-sensitive, 10.4” high resolution LCD touch screen
OUTPUTS Remote diagnostics via internal modem Printer and LIMS interfaces (optional)
DIMENSIONS (W X D X H) Analyzer: 17 x 23 x 12 inches
43 x 58 x 30 cm
Autosampler: 11 x 17 x 17 inches
28 x 43 x 43 cm
WEIGHT Analyzer: 48 lbs (22 kg
Autosampler: 23 lbs (11 kg)



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